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Frequently Asked Questions


What age range are your kits best suited for? 

Our kits are wonderfully suited for children from 3-6 years, although we often see older children (and adults) who love getting involved too! 

Due to the presence of small parts/choking hazards our kits are not recommended for children under the age of 3. 

Your kits look great, but my kids will only mix them up...

We would be worried if everything DID stay perfectly set up like our photos show! Our kits are designed to be explored, investigated and enthusiastically jumbled up! If the box looks like a mixed up mess at the end of the play session, we would deem that session a very successful one! 

(plus, all of our wooden boxes come with a sliding lid so you can hide your little ones' creations away once they are done!)

On that note, what if your kits just make a big mess in my living room? 

No one likes mess, and we want to help you minimize it as much as possible! Our wooden boxes are deliberately nice and deep to keep all the kit contents nice and contained, although a few escaped pieces are inevitable! We recommend setting up your kit on a splash mat or old sheet - that way you can scoop up the kit contents and pour them back into the box when you're done! 

What is included in each kit? Do I need to purchase a wooden box? 

All of our kits contain a sensory base, a set of extension cards and numerous themed objects and felt creations.

Our locally made wooden boxes are an optional purchase but are great for adding to your play experience. As mentioned above, they are nice and deep to contain your kit contents and also come with a sliding lid for easy storage. 

We recommend buying a wooden box with your first kit and then reusing it for all purchases after that! 

That being said, you definitely do not need to purchase a box if you don't want to. Our kits work equally as well in a variety of containers, including tupperware containers, Kmart serving trays, IKEA boxes, baking trays - anything you have lying around the house! 

How should I store my kit? 

For maximum usage, we recommend storing your sensory bases in a cool, dark, moisture free environment. 

How do we play with the kits? 

The very BEST way to play with our kits is to let your little ones explore and follow their lead - it amazing what they come up with! You can set the kit up for them, set it up together or let them set it up all by themselves. 

Some children (particularly younger children) may need some ideas modeled to them before they will happily play independently (e.g., scooping and transferring the bases, beginning a story with the figurines, setting up the objects in different ways...) 

Every kit comes with a set of themed extension cards with ideas of vocabulary and questions to target (if it doesn't disturb your little one too much!), plus some bonus book suggestions and two DIY sensory activities for extra play ideas later on!